Rotary Wing Helicopter Pilot Training Adelaide – Full Time

Flight Training Adelaide is a CASA approved integrated helicopter pilot training school and we pride ourselves on providing world-class aviation training.


The Diploma of Aviation (Helicopter) integrates ground theory lessons and practical helicopter pilot training, providing students with the required knowledge and experience to achieve a CASA commercial pilot helicopter licence.


Below you will find information on the selection program for helicopter pilot training as well as the training courses offered on a full-time basis. FTA delivers the same high-quality training to both private students and airline cadets.

Fixed wing flight training

1. Selection

FTA’s selection program is one of the most robust in industry and the selection tools used are recognised as best practice for the selection of private and airline students. Successful completion of the selection program is a mandatory pre-requisite to be accepted on a course. Selection does not only give FTA an indication of your ability to successfully complete the training program, but it is also a requirement to access a VET Student Loan (VSL).
Further information on FTA’s selection program can be found here:
Helicopter pilot training

2. CPL – CASA Commercial Pilot License

AVI50319 Diploma in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopter)

This course is delivered over 32 weeks. During ground theory phases students attend class Monday to Friday, 08:30–16:30. During flying phases students need to be available six days a week. Flying lessons may be programmed any time from 06:00 until 23:00. FTA offers two options of training platforms for this course. You can either complete the full program on the Schweizer 300CBi or you can complete part of the training on a Robinson R44 helicopter. Further information on the course can be found here:
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3. MECIR - CASA Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating

AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

This course is delivered over 9 weeks. The first two weeks are full time ground school, with all the flying training being delivered over the remaining seven weeks. Further information on the course can be found here:
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PPL - Private Pilot License

FTA’s Private Pilot Licence training is designed for students who wish to have a ‘first taste’ of aviation. This program is ideal for individuals who are unable to commit to full time training. More information on the course can be found here

CASA Instructor Program

Rotary wing training

FTA’s AVI50419 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) course is delivered over 23 weeks. The first 12 weeks of theory training is conducted from home, with regular contact via Zoom, culminating in two weeks face-to-face classes at FTA to consolidate the theory component. The remaining 9 weeks is practical flight instruction conducted at FTA. Further information on the course can be found here

CASA Low Level Rating

Rotary wing airline training

FTA’s low level rating is an ideal course for preparation for employment. The one week program covers competencies required for low level operations. Further information on the course can be found here

CASA Night VFR rating

FTA’s one week night VFR rating covers competencies required for night operations. This program can be conducted on either the Schweizer 300CBi helicopter or the Robinson R44 helicopter. Further information on the course can be found here



How long does it take to learn to fly a helicopter?

Obtaining a CASA Commercial Pilot Licence to become qualified to fly a helicopter at FTA, requires you to complete a course delivered over 32 weeks. The course material is delivered over different phases and includes ground theory and practical flying lessons. Further training and qualifications are available.

Do you have accommodation available at your training schools?

Accommodation facilities are available to international, interstate or regional students at Flight Training Adelaide. This includes private bedrooms and shared common lounge and bathroom facilities. Student common living areas are furnished with a television, refrigerator, and a small kitchenette. Rooms are cleaned twice weekly with linen changed weekly. All students also have access to free laundry facilities and 24-hour internet. Dedicated female accommodation is available.

Do I have to pay the full price of my rotary wing flight training upfront?

No. All fees and payment schedules are published in our schedule of fees. Eligible students may apply for a government loan through the VET Student Loans scheme for all or part of the tuition fees. The following apply:

  • VET student loan is a loan that gives rise to a VET debt that continuous to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.
  • VET student loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements.

Students not eligible for VET Student Loans will be expected to pay for their training as stipulated in their individual contract payment plan for their tuition.

What are the medical requirements for becoming a rotary wing pilot?

To exercise the full privileges of a Commercial Pilot Licence, a pilot must hold a CASA Class 1 medical certificate.

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