Airline Cadet Programs

Since the early 1980s, Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) has delivered cadet programs in Australia to airlines and Government agencies from across the globe, with the exception of America. Training has been delivered to a number of different regulators which is a statement to the highest standards of training delivered by FTA.


Our training is designed and delivered to help airlines meet the increasing need for skilled and confident aviators in one of the fastest growing global industries. These airlines choose to work with FTA to build a long-term talent pipeline, not just for their subsidiaries, but for the industry more broadly.


As a training provider for cadet pilot programs in Australia, we are focused on producing future airline captains, rather than simply training students to obtain a licence. As part of our comprehensive and integrated aviation training, Flight Training Adelaide offers a full range of services including student selection, ab initio and advanced training courses and a purpose-built training campus, including student accommodation.


Upon successful graduation from the cadet programs, students qualify for several CASA licences and ratings, including a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating (ME-IR), Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) theory and Multi-crew Cooperation (MCC).


Below you will find FTA’s current airline partners. Please click on their logo to be directed to the cadet program page. Information on our non-airline affiliated programs can be found here.

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Dragon
Cebu Pacific
China Airlines


What is an airline cadet program?

An airline cadet program is a training program that is supported by a particular airline. Support may come in several ways including, but not limited to, financial support and mentoring.

How do I apply for an airline cadet program?

Application to cadet programs is generally done via the airline’s website, or the training providers dedicated cadet program website.

Is it difficult to get a cadetship?

Getting a cadetship can be quite competitive. Different airlines will have different selection processes, but in most cases there will be academic tests, psychomotor tests, group exercises and interviews.

Who can apply for a cadet pilot program in Australia?

The airlines will dictate the entry requirements. Some of these requirements may be different from airline to airline. Most airlines will take factors into account such as citizenship, academic qualifications and age.

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