Parafield Airport

Parafield Airport

Parafield airport offers an unique blend of features that accommodate a myriad of training options. It has a control tower that is manned during daylight hours all year round and has two sets of parallel runways to safely accommodate the demands of circuit training.


Its proximity to Adelaide international airport, the Edinburgh military air base and a generous general flying training area offers the following benefits:

  • All the required navigational aids for effective and efficient IFR training (NDB, VOR, ILS and RNAV approaches).
  • Radar controlled airspace, allowing for safe IFR separation and exposure to airline traffic environment.
  • Unlimited, uncontrolled airspace for navigation, and access to a multitude of regional airfields.

Moderate weather conditions accompanied by excellent visibility provide a unique natural advantage for South Australia as a flying training venue. Summer is usually dry and hot with average daily temperatures around 30-35°C, while the winter average temperature is around 15°C during the day, with the coldest morning still above freezing.

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