Our campus has been purposefully designed for flight training, with theory classrooms, simulators, aircraft maintenance and administration facilities. The aircraft parking area and the accommodation facilities are located within the campus perimeter.
We also offer a range of social, cultural and sporting activities on campus. We supply pastoral support and ensure a safe living and study environment.

Our campus is serviced by a wireless mesh, giving candidates Internet access for all their personal needs, as well as Intranet access to an interactive ‘cloud’ learning environment.

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Campus Facilities Map

1Helicopter Operations 2Hangar 3Control Tower 4TV and Coffee Lounge
5Learning Resource Centre 6Mess 7Accommodation 8Administration
9Ground School 10Operations 11Simulators 12Sporting Facilities


1Helicopter Operations

Helicopter OperationsHelicopter building contain all helicopter instructor offices, as well as a number of helicopter training briefing rooms. There is also direct access to a hangar where some of the helicopters used by FTA are housed.


hanger2Our well-equipped maintenance hangar comfortably accommodates our aircraft during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Located within the hanger is a spare parts store and maintenance control room.


3Control Tower

fac_twrParafield Airport has its own tower, which is operated by Air Services Australia between 0700–1900 hours. Operations outside these hours are permitted for FTA operations.


4 TV/Coffee Lounge

A TV and coffee lounge is nestled in amongst student accommodation units. It has comfortable seating, cable TV and refreshment facilities, for students to use as a reprieve during their long study hours.


5Learning Resource Centre

fac_lcThe campus features a Learning Resource Centre (LRC) that contains about 7,000 publications and aviation industry periodicals of both technical and general interest. These are available to all staff and students. Other features of the LRC include:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books and magazines
  • Air-band scanners
  • Learning resources



mess2Our mess facility is open 0600–2400 hours, seven days a week. We offer three meals per day, with a multitude of dishes to choose from. Students can arrange for pre-packed meals if they are expected to fly during sittings.

We also cater for medical or religious needs, including Halal food, and special consideration is given during the holy period of Ramadan.


7 Accommodation

tv_roomStudents have their own private rooms and share common lounge and bathroom facilities. All student chalets are equipped with a television, refrigerator, kettle, ironing facilities and a telephone line. Accommodation units are cleaned three times a week and linen is changed weekly. Students also have access to free laundry facilities.



FTA’s headquarters are located on site. The main administration building houses the finance, human resources, quality, purchasing and business development departments.


9Ground School

groundschool5The college has nine networked classrooms each fitted with a multi-media projector and a white board. Two of these classrooms are also fitted for computer-based training.

All classrooms are air-conditioned and use both natural and artificial light.



fac_opsOur operations room is staffed by qualified operations personnel who maintain a ‘flight watch’ service for all FTA aircraft in the air.

Operational connectivity provides student and staff with immediate access to weather, NOTAMs and other flight planning data as required.


fac_simAll our simulators are housed in climate- and sound-controlled rooms to enhance the learning experience.


12Sporting Facilities

sporting1We have made significant investments in sport and recreational facilities. We have a fully equipped gymnasium, tennis courts, swimming pool, basketball court, BBQ areas and a football field.


13Parafield Airfield

overview3Parafield airport offers an unique blend of features that accommodate a myriad of training options. It has a control tower that is manned during day light hours, 365 days of the year, and has two sets of parallel runways to safely accommodate the demands of circuit training.


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