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At Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) we provide world-class, customised aviation training solutions for the fixed wing and rotary wing industry.


Airline pilot training in Australia requires the appropriate theory knowledge and flying skills to be able cope in an ever-changing flying environment. Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) is a CASA approved integrated flying school and we pride ourselves on providing world-class, customised aviation training solutions for the fixed wing and rotary wing industry.


FTA, an internationally respected flying school in Australia, is located at Parafield Airport, South Australia. The college started operations in 1982 and over the years has had a number of corporate owners, including Hawker de Havilland and BAE SYSTEMS. In 2005 the college was purchased by Hong Kong-based Young Brothers Aviation.

World-class training


FTA offers airline cadet and self-funded programs, such as a Diploma in Aviation, to domestic and international students including a full range of services like selection, ab initio training and advanced training courses. All FTA training programs are based on integrated learning. This ensures that the student’s theory knowledge, aircraft handling skills, aviation law knowledge and cockpit management skills develop simultaneously. FTA also provides theory classes for the ATPL in Australia.


FTA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with VET Student Loan (VSL) approval, allowing domestic students to access a Government Funded Loan to make the program accessible to every eligible Australian looking to enrol in one of FTA’s Diploma programs.


Purpose built training facilities


Our training ethos is focussed on producing future airline and helicopter captains, rather than simply training cadets to obtain a licence . To achieve this we have made, and continue to make, considerable infrastructure and asset investments to supply appropriate aircraft and simulators for training.


Our campuses have been purposefully designed and built for pilot training in Adelaide, South Australia and Wellcamp, Queensland, with theory classrooms, simulators, aircraft maintenance and administration facilities. The aircraft parking areas and student accommodation are within the campus boundary.


Expert staff and trainers


Our highly trained and committed staff ensure that the environment and content of our courses complement our facilities and exceed the expectations of our customer airlines, helicopter operators and candidates.


All of our courses are delivered in person and we strongly believe that, in our industry, there is no substitute for face-to-face teaching and learning. FTA’s integrated training programs consist of face-to-face ground theory classes and one-on-one flying lessons delivered by dedicated area specialists in flying, ground theory and multicrew cooperation training. We value the personal interactions between students and trainers as part of our high-standard training and know that student engagement in the program directly reflects in their ability to succeed.


Whether you are an airline cadet or a general aviation student, either our Adelaide flying school or Wellcamp flying school has the right course for you. We hope the information on our website gives you a good understanding of what we offer at our world-class airline pilot training school.


How much does pilot training cost in Australia?

Investing in your professional development to become a fixed wing (aeroplane) or rotary wing pilot (helicopter) is a big decision. Undertaking the course not only requires a significant time commitment and dedication to theory study and practical flying lessons, but also a financial commitment just like any vocational or tertiary studies and qualifications. Course costs vary depending on the licence or qualification one is training towards. Refer to the schedule of fees for the relevant course.

How long does it take to become a pilot in Australia?

Becoming a licenced, skilled, and safe pilot requires long-term dedication and commitment. Duration will depend on the licences, ratings or endorsements you are training towards. The scheduled duration attending a fixed-wing Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) on a full-time basis is 31 weeks and 8 weeks for a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR). For some students this can take a bit longer if they need to resit a failed exam or require additional remedial flight training.

Rotary wing training has similar durations, with a CPL(H) scheduled for 32 weeks and 9 weeks for a MECIR(H).

Being a professional pilot requires an ongoing commitment to professional development to make sure you continue to uphold the highest standards in your work. Please refer to the course brochures for specific course details or contact us for more information.

Do you need a degree to be a pilot in Australia?

There is no requirement to have a degree to become a pilot in Australia

Will I receive equivalent qualifications other than CASA licences, given that FTA is a Registered Training Organisation?

Yes, you will. When you get your CPL you will also receive AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation
(Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane) and for the CASA instrument rating you will receive AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating).

How do I apply for the course?

Our training ethos is focussed on producing future airline and helicopter captains, rather than simply training individuals to obtain a licence. All potential students at Flight Training Adelaide have to undertake aviation specific entrance exams and aptitude testing. For more information about applying to undertake our courses, please refer to the selection information.

If I decide I don’t like flying, can I receive a refund?

Students have the right to change their mind if they no longer wish to continue with training. Refer to FTA’s Tuition Fee Refund Policy.

What is the minimum age required to become a pilot?

To obtain a commercial pilot licence you must be at least 18 years and successfully complete an integrated or non-integrated training course. You must be 18 years old when you commence training at FTA.

Why is it important to train with an established flight school?

Undertaking your professional aviation flight training with a reputable and respected organisation will give you the security that your training is delivered to the standards expected by aviation commercial operators and provides confidence that the school has got the necessary resources to complete your training within the designated timeframes. Flight Training Adelaide is a world-class flight training provider and is preferred by the Australian aviation industry and some of the world’s leading airlines and Governments. FTA has been approved to deliver training under various overseas regulators, which is testament to the quality of training provided.

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