QG28 Applications


Course QG28 Applications: 19 October 2022 to 26 February 2023

    The information you are providing in this application form will be used for the screening for further selection by FTA and Qantas.

    * 1. Applicant Details

    First name

    Family name / surname

    Email address

    Contact phone number

    * 2. Postal Address
    Street Number

    Street Name




    3. Date of birth

    4. Gender
    MaleFemalePrefer not to answer

    * 5. Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
    Yes - Australian citizenYes - permanent residentNo

    6. Do you identify as Indigenous and/or Torres Strait Islander?
    YesNoPrefer not to answer

    * 7. Have you completed Year 12?

    8. Which of the following subjects did you complete or are you currently studying in Year 12?

    Maths Physics English

    9. Where did/will you complete Year 12?

    Please advise full school name and state.

    10. In which year did/will you graduate Year 12?

    11. What was your TER/ATAR/OP on completion of Year 12? (if applicable)



    12. Have you completed a degree?

    If yes, please state what type of degree and where did you study?

    13. Are you currently enrolled in a degree course?

    If yes, please state what type of degree and where you are studying

    14. Do you hold any of the following academic qualifications? Please provide details below.

    Certification IV or higher in the Australian Qualifications Framework:

    Similar overseas qualifications assessed by a Federal/State government agency:

    * 15. Are you currently enrolled, or have you graduated within the last 12 months from one of these programs?

    16. Is a member of your direct family an employee of the Qantas group. Note a direct family member is a mother, father, stepmother or stepfather?

    If yes, please state name of the Qantas Employee and Employee number

    17. Do you have any previous flight training experience?

    If Yes, please estimate how many hours you expect to have by the time the course you have selected:

    Dual hour

    Solo hours

    18. Do you currently hold a CASA flight crew licence?

    If Yes, select the licence type(s)

    RPLPPLCPLCIRME endorsementATPLInstructor Rating

    19. Have you passed and hold a KDR for any of the 7 CASA CPL ground theory subjects?

    If Yes, select the subject(s) you currently hold.

    AerodynamicsAircraft General KnowledgeFlight Rules & Air LawHuman FactorsNavigationOperations, Performance & Flight Planning (A)

    20. Do you hold any military flying qualifications?


    If Yes, the total hours flown?

    21. Do you have any other aviation experience (cadets, gliding, introductory flight)?

    * 22. Are you medically fit and healthy?

    (You will be required to clear a CASA Class 1 aviation medical)


    * 23. Are you a current employee of the Qantas Group?

    If yes, please enter your Qantas Staff Number

    Would you like to hear about Digital career opportunities with Qantas in the future?



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