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We at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) provide customised aviation training solutions to meet the needs of our airline partners. We have been training airline cadets since 1982 and are proud to be associated with many of the leading airlines in the world.

The secret to our success is our partnering approach with our airline customers and our focus on supplying airlines with future captains.
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Training Programs

Airlines have a unique culture and require different training outcomes. We design customised training programs for our respective airline customers and commit to provide the following:

Selection Cadet Selection Programs
CPL Commercial Pilot Licence
MECIR Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence
MCC Multi-Crew Cooperation Training
MPL Multi-Crew Pilot Licence


Cadet Program

Advanced Programs

English Language

For additional information on the above programs please contact us

Training Aircraft


We operate a fleet of 54 aircraft. All the aircraft of a similar type have an identical avionic and navigation suite. Additionally, a number of synthetic training devices are used to support our flying programs.

Socata TB10 Tobago

Diamond DA40 CS

Diamond DA42 L360

Mudry CAP 10

Flight Training Devices

Flight training devices (FTD) form an integral part of the training syllabi at FTA. Our range of FTDs is fully representative of the aircraft we use for training and offers a cost effective, safe and controlled environment to enhance the cadet’s learning experience.

safe and controlled environment
To complete a cadet’s preparation for the challenge of airline flying, our conventional integrated ATPL course is capped by a MCC module, tailored to the individual airline’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The suite of FTDs have been purposely acquired to allow for a building block approach to learning. We have the following devices:


Airline Partners

Sponsor Airlines
We are proud of our long-standing association with certain airline customers. We have been training for the Qantas Group since the early 90s, Cathay Pacific since 1994 and Dragonair since 1998. The secret to our customer retention is built on three principles:

  • Listening to the customer and understanding their needs.
  • Operational flexibility to deal with changing customer needs.
  • Exceeding customer expectations.
Historical Partners

Since 1982 we have trained a large number of major airlines from all continents with the exception of the Americas. Exposure to airlines from all over the world has given us invaluable insight into different training practices and cultural differences.


Course Brochures
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