What makes FTA stand out?


What makes FTA stand out?

Many people would say it’s the expertise derived from close to 40 years delivering training to world leading airlines. Others might say it’s our purpose built campus, our fleet of aircraft that numbers more than 50, our highly trained instructors or even our excellent geographic location that provides ideal weather conditions and airspace.

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We say that what makes FTA stand out is our customers. A learning and living environment created by a diverse international student population. Having institutional customers from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan (and another country to be announced shortly), gives us an incredible insight into the study, training and living cultures from so many different individuals. It creates the perfect melting pot for students to not just learn about aviation, but equally important, to experience and interact with other cultures from wide range of nationalities.

So, what makes FTA stand out? You, the customer.


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