Student Complaints and Appeals Policy

Academic and Non-Academic Grievance

Policy Number: POL-D.024
Responsible Officer: Pine Pienaar (Director/CEO)
Date of Approval: July 2014
Scheduled review: 12 monthly

Cross References: Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA); VETSL Provider Guidelines; VETSL Guidelines; VETSL Administration Guidelines; VETSL Provider Handbook, WorkReady Contract

Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) is committed to providing an efficient and effective academic and non-academic grievance handling process for all students, ensuring that matters are resolved confidentially in a fair and timely manner. Grievance means an actual or supposed circumstance regarded as just cause for complaint.

The process applies to academic matters which includes matters that relate to student progress, assessment, curriculum and awards in a VETSL course of study and non-academic matters which includes matters such as, but not limited to, harassment, discrimination, fines, payments, financial matters and complaints in relation to personal information that FTA holds in relation to the student or complaints against FTA’s process.

Student Progress

FTA monitors, records and assesses course progress on students. Unsatisfactory progress will be communicated to the student and strategies put in place. Unsatisfactory progress is defined as either not completing or demonstrating competency in the course requirement in an acceptable time. FTA has the right to terminate a student based on unsatisfactory progress.

If a student has a grievance, they must provide in writing a descriptive statement of the grievance, including the parties involved and a process for trying to resolve the grievance which will be considered by the relevant manager. An appropriate solution will focus on achieving a productive study environment, relationship and harmony, rather than apportioning blame to each other.

Enrolled students should initially direct their grievance to the Student Welfare Manager. Grievances for persons seeking to enrol in a VETSL course of study, the initial contact person will be the Business Development Manager.

Contact Detail

Student Welfare Manager: Hangar 54, Kittyhawk Lane, Parafield Airport, 5106. Phone: 8209 4336
Business Development Manager: Hanger 54, Kittyhawk Lane, Parafield Airport, 5106. Phone: 8282 2811

Within 10 working days of receiving the notification of the grievance the relevant manager will determine whether the matter falls under the definition of a grievance. If it does, the relevant manager will gather information to assist with the settlement of the grievance, including providing the other party involved with the statement of the grievance and the opportunity to respond and attempt to settle the grievance through discussions, counselling or mediation. The complainant may wish to have a third person present. The respondent can be accompanied and assisted by a third party if desired.

If it is determined that the grievance falls outside the definition, the relevant manager will advise the complainant in writing giving reasons and a full explanation and may dismiss if it is viewed that the grievance is ill-advised, misguided or malicious.

The relevant manager will inform in writing the complainant and other party involved stating the outcome and detailing any actions, reasons and explanations that have been agreed by the parties as part of the process to resolve the issue.

If the above informal action attempt has failed to settle the grievance a formal grievance must be raised by lodging a Complaint Form ADM-F.048. The information in the form must include:

a. Description of the grievance/complaint/appeal;

b. State whether you wish to formally present your case;

c. Steps you have taken to deal with it; and

d. What you would like to happen to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.

Within 7 working days of receipt of a Complaint Form ADM-F.048 the Head of Training (HoT) who has been appointed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as the independent and impartial senior officer, will hear the grievance.

The HoT will, within 10 working days of appointment gather information from both parties involved or seek any further information he considers necessary and will commence the investigation into the matter. The HoT will determine whether the grievance is justified and recommend to the CEO their view on the appropriate action e.g.; disciplinary action or no further action to be taken. The CEO will ensure that the procedure is complete, unambiguous, agreed and ratified. All parties will be issued a report in writing detailing reasons and full explanation for decision, actions taken and will be signed and dated by the CEO.

If the HoT views the grievance to be ill-advised, misguided or malicious the CEO will advise the complainant and other parties in writing giving reasons and a full explanation of the outcome.

The HoT can be contacted via:

Postal Address: 54 Kittyhawk Lane, Parafield Airport, South Australia, 5106
Phone: 08 8209 4342
Fax: 08 8206 4367
Contact Form

Office of the Training Advocate Student External Appeals Arrangement

Should the issue still not be resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, FTA has made arrangements for an external body, Office of the Training Advocate, to resolve the issue. If the complainant chooses to go through the external appeals process, they must do so within 14 days after the written summary has been received. The Office of the Training Advocate will contact FTA and request required evidence, review and make their recommendation. They will notify FTA of their recommendation and FTA will implement the required outcome.

All parties involved will receive a written statement of the outcomes, including reasons for the decision. All documentation relating to complaints / appeals including the complaint form, appeal forms, written correspondence and relevant minutes of discussions, will be archived on the complainants file.

FTA has nominated Office of the Training Advocate as the External Student Appeals Agent.

Cost: This service is provided free of charge.
Contact: The Office of the Training Advocate is located at: Ground Floor, 55 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am–5.30pm
Phone (toll free): 1800 006 488
Post: GPO Box 320 Adelaide SA 5001

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