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Institutional Helicopter Programs

We have conducted institutional helicopter training since 2007. In this short period we have earned respect as a world-class helicopter provider.

extensive operational experience
Our helicopter management and instructional team have extensive operational experience, including search and rescue, fire fighting, urban operations and support, mountain flying, naval operations and casualty evacuation— offering an immeasurable advantage for cadets.

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Helicopter Partners

We are very proud of our association with current and historic institutional partners. Hong Kong Government Flying Service (HKGFS), Babcock, and China Rescue and Salvage (CRS). Among other operations, these world class companies specialise in emergency medical services.

Institutional Helicopter Training

We offer a wide range of training programs and our geographical location allows us easy access to the ocean, mountains and the city, which is the ideal blended environment to prepare candidates for all types of humanitarian operations.

Training Programs


Selection Program

Our helicopter selection program consists of a written and practical component, conducted by experienced helicopter instructors.

Academic learning ability is evaluated through a written diagrammatical reasoning test with special focus on fluency in English.

The second stage of the assessment evaluates the cadet’s hand-to-eye coordination and spatial awareness during a two-dimensional computer-based assessment.

Cadet Program

Cadet Program

The program provides training for individuals with little or no flying experience, who will upon completion achieve AVI40208 Certificate IV in Aviation CPL(H) and a frozen ATPL(H)

Advanced Program

AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instrument)

A MECIR(H) module can be delivered on either a BK117, Augusta A109 or Squirrel AS355 helicopter.

Instructor Training

AVI50510 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor)

We offer helicopter flight instructor training for the purpose of initial issue, renewals and upgrades.

Instructor course prerequisites:

CPL(H) with 250 helicopter flying hours, of which 100 hours must be pilot-in-command.


CPL(H) with low level and night rating endorsements (no hours requirement)

License Conversion

License Conversion Program

We offer two types of license conversion courses:

  • Regulatory License Conversion. Under this program we can convert any license from an ICAO member state, e.g. convert a UKCAA licence to a CASA license or a CASA licence to a HKCAD license*
  • Fixed Wing to Rotary Wing Conversion. Under this program we convert a fixed wing pilot license to the equivalent rotary wing license.

* Note:HKCAD must approve the licence conversion prior to commencement of the conversion.

Ground School

Ground School Fundamentals

This course targets non-flying operational personnel and provides candidates with a basic understanding of flying, navigation and meteorological subjects.

Crewman Training

Crewman Training

This course focuses on specific efficient and effective communication (patter) between the pilot and crewman to achieve synergy and increased safety during helicopter operations.

Training Helicopters


Schweizer 300 CBi

c300Single Engine Piston – Schweizer 300 CBi

We currently operate a fleet of four Schweizer 300CBi helicopters with identical cockpit layout. The CBi 300’s responsive handling characteristics provide pilots with smooth, vibration-free stick forces, which facilitate learning and replicate a big helicopter feel. The cyclic control and collective harmony makes the 300CBi a true pleasure to fly and an ideal foundation to advance onto larger helicopters.

Engine Type: Textron Lycoming HIO-360 G1A
Maximum Take Off: 180 shp 134 kw
Maximum Gross Weight: 1,750 lbs 500 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed: 80 kts
HIGE Ceiling: 7,000 ft
HOGE Ceiling: 4,800 ft
AEO Service Ceiling: 10,000 ft
Maximum Endurance (32gal): 3.0 hrs
Maximum Endurance (64 gal): 6.0 hrs

Other Helicopter Types

We also have a leasing arrangement for the following helicopters as required:

  • Robinson R44
  • Bell 206B
  • BK117
  • Squirrel AS355
  • Augusta 109

Operational Facilities

Although our helicopter operations occupy an autonomous building, it is conveniently located and within the campus facilities at Parafield Airport

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