IG02 graduates visit FTA


IG02 graduates visit FTA

FTA was delighted to receive the visit from Mrs. Manvee Bhanot and Mr. Agrim Bhasin who trained at FTA in 2017 and 2018 as part of IndiGo course IG02, completing all training in 2019.  During their visit Manvee and Agrim had a chance to re visit old memories by walking round the campus, catching up with some instructors and undertaking a flight.  Manvee and Agrim were very gracious in spending some time with course IG17 that is currently training at FTA.

Below is a timeline of Mavee’s and Agrim’s training program

  • FTA arrival: September 2017
  • Completed CASA CPL and MECIR: August 2018
  • FTA graduation ceremony: September 2018
  • Departed FTA for India to complete DGCA License Conversion: September 2018
  • Returned to FTA for MCC/JOC: March 2019
  • Returned to India upon completion of A320 Type Rating at Ansett Aviation Training (Melbourne): June2019

On their visit, Michael Wallis, FTA’s Business Development Manager commented “It was an absolute pleasure to have Manvee and Agrim back on campus.  We witnessed their journey which started with selection through to  the completion of their A320 type rating.  To see them achieve their dream of flying for one of the world’s leading airlines makes us incredibly proud of them.  I have no doubt that the time they spent with IG17 sharing their experiences at FTA and the airline will inspire them to also achieve their dreams.  I would like to personally thank Manvee and Agrim for taking the time to visit us.”

Visit our IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program page for more information.

Picture left to right:  Mrs. Manvee Bhanot, Mr. Michael Wallis, Mr. Agrim Bhasin


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