Cathay Pacific 100th Graduation (CP100)

Wednesday the 26th of August marked a historical day in the Cathay Pacific Airways/ Flight Training Adelaide partnership with the graduation of the 100th Ab Initio course. The partnership started in 1993 and since the inception of the partnership over 2,500 Cathay Pacific Airways pilots have graduated from FTA’s facilities.

We are extremely honored to have held such a long standing relationship with Cathay Pacific Airways. Over the 27 year relationship we have been through some very tough times together such 9/11, SARS, GFC and of course now Covid-19 but to name a few. Yet throughout these challenges, Cathay Pacific Airways has always kept their trust and faith in FTA, and together we have found ways coming out of a particular challenge stronger. Covid-19 has affected not just Cathay Pacific Airways, but the whole aviation industry in ways that could have never been imagined, and I have no doubt that we will once again come out of this as stronger partners. I would like to personally thank Cathay Pacific Airways for their continued support of FTA and we look forward to graduating the next 100 courses.Grant Mules, Chief Operating Officer


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