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vet_smallFlight Training Adelaide is an outstanding airline training institution for those looking to commence a career in aviation. A high standard of training was provided by exceptional instructors who guided me through all stages of my course, both in the air and in the classroom. The instructors, management and support staff were all able to help me realise my potential and achieve the goals I had set. After only 12 months, I went from having only a few hours flight training to passing all ground theory including CPL, ATPL with passes first time in every subject, as well as the MECIR and CPL flight tests.

my future and achieving my goals
The VETSL program was integral to the completion of these challenges, allowing me to invest in my future and achieve my goals. Although doing my training through the VETSL program, I was able to train along-side world reknown airline cadets to the equivalent standard of those airlines and in the process, establishing invaluable airline contacts. Without the funding option I could not have been so successful with my training, nor would I have completed it all within a year. Notably, the VETSL funding was managed and organised by the administration staff, allowing me to focus completely on my training.
Rhys Nix – VET 2

vet_smallUpon being accepted into FTA I was elated with the opportunity to train along side cadets from major airlines. My eyes were wide and my hopes were high! Coming from a small flying school in Bankstown with 6 aircraft I was amazed at the facilities and professionalism of FTA’s instructors. Moving onto the aircraft – of which all are modern and have hundreds of hours on them not thousands. Most IFR equipped aircraft are equipped with a Garmin G-1000 suite to make an instrument rating seem easier than it is and excellent sims available for use at any time of the day to hone those skills.

In terms of a training environment I can’t fault both flying and ground school instructors. At times the ground school can drift further than what the syllabus requires however knowledge is never a burden in aviation. It is a very controlled environment with monthly safety meetings and a culture of reporting incidents. Instructors and training managers are always open and the open door policy made me feel comfortable talking to my TM/Instructor or even finance issues with VETSL.

with the right attitude FTA will foster your potential
The downsides, of which are very few. It is a college designed with airlines in mind so living on campus is expensive. The accommodation and food whilst it is a high standard is overpriced and for self funded students seeking accommodation off site accommodation should be investigated prior to starting at FTA. The positive is I can roll out of bed in my air conditioned unit and go straight to the hanger for ground school, flight or sim session.

The pool, sports fields and table tennis table make for good recreation and allow for some down time. The bar open most Friday’s made for some interesting nights…

Overall my experience at FTA lasted 8 months and I completed my MECIR and CPL with passes first time in every CPL exam & IREX. I finished on time and can’t thank FTA enough for the experience. Provided you posses the right attitude FTA will foster your potential.
Andrew Norris – VET 2

vet_smallIt is with privilege and absolute gratitude that I am able to say I have achieved personal and professional success through Flight Training Adelaide, of which the VETSL scheme was integral. This institution has provided me with second to none quality education and training alongside esteemed major airlines. The ability to learn from exceedingly qualified and passionate ground and flight instructors, all of whom adhere to an exceptionally high standard of practice, provided me with invaluable skills-based training in a timely manner. These sentiments are reflected by the wider aviation community as a result of Flight Training Adelaide’s dedication and commitment to achieving its ‘world class training’ status.

achieved personal and professional success
As many enthusiasts would appreciate, a career in aviation requires resilience, commitment and above all a resounding passion for continual self-improvement. Above all, however, is the financial commitment that is required in order to attain the necessary qualifications to achieve a career in this industry. This is where the VETSLme offers the chance for people like me to live out their dream and do so knowingly through a professional and reliable flight school.

Flight training at any institution is no easy feat; the hours are long, the training is demanding but with the a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, anything is truly possible – even your wildest dreams. Flight Training Adelaide has left me with the fondest of memories, the hardest life lessons learnt, and above all, a new found passion for the world of aviation.
Lea Vesic – VET 5

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