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Trial instructional flights in celebration of Women of Aviation Week (WOAW)

Set aside Sunday 8 March 2015 in your diary to come and experience a trial instructional flight (TIF) at AFTC.

What is a TIF?

 A TIF is a way of sampling flight training without making a commitment to joining the school.

 A TIF follows the same sequence as a normal instructional flight:  

 Pre-flight briefing: short briefing on what to expect.

  • Aircraft pre-flight inspection: observe and participate in ‘pre-flighting’ the aircraft and become familiarised with cockpit equipment and emergency procedures.
  • Flying and flight procedures: orientation of the local area from the air and control of the aircraft under guidance of a qualified flying instructor.
  • Post-flight debriefing: feedback on the flight and an opportunity to ask questions.

A discounted rate for the WOAW trial instructional flights is available in a Grob or Tobago aircraft:

 Grob half hour TIF: $121

Grob one hour TIF: $242

TB10 half hour TIF: $141.50

TB10 one hour TIF: $283.00

 Points to consider:

  • WOAW TIFs are conducted with the participant and instructor only.
  •  The take-off and landing are controlled by the instructor only.
  • Clothing should be appropriate for the season and shoes must be of the closed toe style for safety.
  • The minimum age for a WOAW TIF is 12 years. 
  • Persons with known medical conditions that may become a safety hazard should not conduct TIFs.
  • English language must be of a standard that can understand Emergency Procedures, in flight, in English.
  • The Grob is limited to participants up to 95kg. The Tobago is more forgiving.
  • Duration of flights is limited to 1 hour or half hour.

 Please contact Rob Jones to make a booking. The number of available flights is limited.

 Payment can be made on the day either by cash or credit card.

 This is a great opportunity for Secondary School females who are interested in aviation to experience flight training first hand!

 Please see the link below to the WOAW15 website.


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