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Subsidised Training

Participation in an activity funded by Department for Innovation and Skills

Flight Training Adelaide is a subsidised training provider for AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) or its equivalent. Eligible students may apply for a training subsidy in Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) when they enrol in this course.

Funded activities are supported by the Government of South Australia. Participant eligibility criteria apply, visit https://www.skills.sa.gov.au/subsidised-eligibility
For information on subsidised tuition fees, visit http://www.flyfta.com/course-information/schedule-of-fees

Refer to FTA’s Student Handbook for processes and guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Am I eligible for subsidised training?

A: Eligibility depends on a combination of factors including:

  • Whether you are an Australian citizen or eligible visa holder
  • Previously completed subsidised training
  • Proof of residence in South Australia

Please complete the participant eligibility check at https://www.skills.sa.gov.au/subsidised-eligibility

In addition to the above eligibility requirements, FTA will collect evidence for VET Student Loans eligibility from students who wish to pay for tuition via the VET Student Loans scheme. Refer to FTA Student Handbook at http://www.flyfta.com/course-information/student-handbook

Q: What is the entry requirement for AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) or its equivalent?

A: Refer to FTA’s brochure on private student selection at http://www.flyfta.com/course-information/course-brochures
Students with evidence of a current CASA CPL and 50 flying hours of cross-country command will be invited to participate in an arranged selection activity, which will include a simulator flight assessment and an interview. There is a cost involved for the simulator flight assessment.

Q: Where can I get more information about the course?

A: Download FTA’s course brochure at http://www.flyfta.com/course-information/course-brochures

Q: What portion of the course fees is subsidised?

A: The subsidy amount for each unit of competency of the qualification is calculated according to the subsidy calculator on Skills SA website at https://providers.skills.sa.gov.au/Get-Started/Subsidised-Training-List
Units of competency are clustered in the units of study on FTA’s schedule of fees. Refer to the schedule of fees for the relevant course on FTA’s website at http://www.flyfta.com/course-information/schedule-of-fees

Q: How will the subsidy be paid to me?

A: Subsidised funding is paid to FTA after a unit of competency completion is reported by FTA to the SA Government. When the funding is received FTA will credit the student’s account with the subsidised amount.

Q: I use VSL to pay for my course, am I also eligible for subsidised training?

A: Yes, VSL is a loan for training that will be repaid by you to the Commonwealth. ‘Funded activity’ is a subsidy from the Government of South Australia to reduce the tuition fees for a certain course.

Q: As a South Australian State Government subsidised student, am I exempt from the 20% loan fee for VSL?

A: Yes, but only for the applicable course of the subsidised training.

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