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IndiGo Frequently Asked Questions


IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program


Can I join if I have a diploma, without 51% in 10+2?

In case the candidate has scored less than 51% in 10+2 he/she cannot be considered for the program even if he has completed a diploma with higher score.

Note: The eligibility criteria of 10+2 with 51% individually in Physics and Maths can be overlooked if someone has graduated with Physics and Maths with 51% and above, or Engineering with 55% and above. If you do not meet this requirement, you can pursue these subjects at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Can my training be terminated once I start a course?

Yes. Even though a candidate must successfully complete a stringent selection process in order to be accepted into a course, this is merely an indication of the likelihood whether they will pass the course and no guarantee that a student will complete the course. The course is a competency based program and requires aptitude and dedication by the candidate to demonstrate to the training team that you are capable of meeting the various competencies. Needless to say, FTA’s instructors will give you the necessary training to achieve the competencies, but should your instructor and ultimately the Director of Training feel that you are not capable of achieving the necessary skill level, then FTA will recommend course termination.

Do I need a valid passport?

Yes. In case a candidate does not have a valid passport, he / she will be allowed to participate in the selection program but the candidate will need a valid passport on starting the program.

Do I sign a bond with IndiGo?

IndiGo does not sign a bond with the candidate, instead it is called a training agreement which will be for 5 years from the time a candidate joins IndiGo as Junior First Officer.

I have an non-Australian pilot licence, can my previous training count towards the cadet program?

No. All successful candidates will need to start from the beginning.

Is the job guaranteed?

All candidates that successfully complete the course are absorbed in IndiGo as Junior First Officers. So far 100 cadets have completed an IndiGo cadet program.

Shall I complete written exams, RTR, medical prior to start of the program?

We do not encourage any candidate to complete CPL exams or RTR prior to commencing the program. It is an airline cadet program and not an individual CPL course. However, it may be prudent to get a medical done early in the process for obvious reasons.

What are the age limits?

Candidates need to be between 18 and 29 years on course start date. Candidates must have completed 18 years by the time they start the course, they can be 17 when they go through selection.

What are the agreements involved?
  • Between Provider and IndiGo. This is the TSA.
  • Between the candidate and IndiGo HR, whereby the candidate agrees to join IndiGo after completion of the program and work for a minimum period of 5 years + with their ‘sureties’ and UDC.
  • And between the cadet and the training provider.
What are the payment schedules for the Indigo Cadet Program?
What are the payment terms for the Indigo Cadet Program?

Phase 1 – CPL and MECIR (Adelaide)
Course Duration – 48 weeks – 7 Instalment Payments:

  • 1st Instalment due on commencement of training
  • Instalment 2 – 6 * equal instalments with payment due dates to be advised
  • 7th (final) Instalment due on completion of training

Phase 2 – MCC & Type Rating (Adelaide and Melbourne)
Course Duration – 11 weeks – 2 Instalment Payments:

  • 1st Instalment due on commencement of training
  • 2nd Instalment due on week 4 of training

Phase 3 – Licence Conversion (Hyderabad)
Course Duration – 4 months – 2 Instalment Payments:

  • 1st Instalment due on commencement of training
  • 2nd Instalment due on completion of training
When do I submit the undated cheque of 30 lakhs (UDC)?

This is part of the agreement with IndiGo, the candidate will need to submit an undated cheque of 30 lacs, which could be en-cashed by IndiGo if the candidate does not complete 5 years with IndiGo after joining us.

Where is the license conversion done?

License conversion will be done through GMR flight training in Hyderabad. It involves passing ground exams and about 20 hours of flying, we anticipate it will take approximately 4 months.

Which class medical certification should I have before the course starts?
  • Prior to departing for Adelaide, you should be in possession of a valid Indian DGCA class 1 medical certificate with no limitations. Please see list of approved DGCA Medial Centres here
  • Prior to the flying component of your CPL course in Adelaide, you will be required to hold a valid CASA class 1 medical. FTA will organise the class 1 medical license on your arrival at FTA’s facilities.

* Please note that cost of the Indian Class 1 medical license is at your own expense. Cost of attaining the CASA class 1 medical license is included in your course price.

Will I need to stay at the FTA campus for the duration of the course?

Yes, it is an IndiGo requirement that students stay at the FTA Campus for the full duration of the course.

Will I receive a stipend during the training program?

Yes, a stipend will be given as follows:

  • INR 15000/- per month per cadet during the CPL phase
  • INR 25000/- per month per pilot after CPL phase till Type Rating. After Type Rating as they get employed – the terms and compensation will be per contract

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