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Adelaide Flight Training Centre (AFTC) is a subsidiary of Flight Training Adelaide (FTA). Like FTA it is recognised internationally for delivering quality pilot training. AFTC has been preparing self-funded pilots for a career in aviation since 1996.

Whether you are interested in the exciting challenge of learning to fly or in a career as commercial pilot, we can assist you at the AFTC. We cater for part-time students and operate seven days a week.

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How to become a career pilot

Even without an offer of employment from an airline, you can attain the required flying licences to be eligible for future employment:

PPL Private Pilot Licence

CPL Commercial Pilot Licence

ME CIR Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating

ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Note: Multi-crew pilot licence is not available without an airline sponsored program.

A student does not require any formal qualifications to train as a pilot (other than English). It is, however, beneficial to have an educational background in maths and physics to assist with the course.

Trial Instructional Flight (TIF)

introductory flight
If you are uncertain about flying as a career, or you just want to have the experience of flying an aircraft, why not take a TIF with us at the AFTC? You will be controlling the aircraft under direct supervision of an instructor, following the same sequence as a normal instructional flight, which includes a pre-flight briefing, aircraft pre-flight inspection and the relevant air exercise.

To do a trial flight, please select an option below. A TIF booking request should be made 6 days before the required booking date.

Training Programs

Private Pilots Licence

Commercial Pilots Licence

Night VFR

Command Instrument Rating

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Training Aircraft

At the AFTC we have a fleet of 5 aircraft and access to the full range of our FTA FTDs. Aircraft used at the AFTC are the Grob G115 and the Socata TB10. We also have access to FTA’s fleet of 50 aircraft across 5 types to bolster our training capability as required. All the aircraft of similar type have identical cockpit layouts.


Grob G115

Socata TB10 Tobago

Diamond DA42 L360

Operational Facilities

The AFTC is located on the ground floor of the Parafield control tower and is within walking distance of the FTA campus facilities.

Policies and Standards

Flight Training Adelaide Policies and Standards


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Can I do a command instrument rating (CIR) at AFTC?
Do I need formal educational qualifications to train as a pilot?
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Is any sponsorship available at AFTC?

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