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AFTC offers Aeronautical Radio Operators Course

The Radio Operator Course provides aviation-specific radio theory and practical knowledge for pilots, UAV/AUS pilots/operators, airfield managers and crane operators.

AROC qualified personnel can use the AROC to communicate: ground-to-tower, ground-to-air and in some cases air-to-air.

 Before the course begins a candidate requires a CASA aviation reference number (ARN): http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/manuals/regulate/fcl/form1162.pdf

If English is not the candidate’s first language, a formal language evaluation (FLE) is required.  This can be booked at https://aslau.aspeqexams.com .

If English is the candidate’s first language, an expert speaker test may be conducted in house at no cost: http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/manuals/regulate/fcl/form61-9elp.pdf

 The course is delivered in four parts:

  1. AROC self study training from the training notes provided.
  2. Theory training conducted with FTA ground training staff.
  3. Practical training in the aircraft on the ground by a qualified flight instructor (QFI).
  4. Administration of the paperwork and delivery to CASA (the CASA processing fee is the responsibility of the candidate).

On successful completion of the ground theory and practical components, a CASA Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate Form, http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/manuals/regulate/fcl/form64-roc.pdf, is sent to CASA for the issue of an AROC.

Course Cost $310 

Courses are scheduled to meet the availability of the instructor and candidate.

For more information and course bookings, please contact Rob Jones

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