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Fee Policy

Responsible Officer: Pine Pienaar (Director/CEO)
Date of Approval: July 2014
Scheduled review: 12 monthly

Cross References: Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA); VET Provider Guidelines; VETSL Guidelines; VETSL Administration Guidelines; VETSL Provider Handbook, WorkReady Contract

Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) is committed to providing quality flight training courses, products and services for many student types, including full fee paying students, international students, VETSL funded and WorkReady subsidised students. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). FTA adheres to relevant compliance and legislative frameworks, such as the ASQA administered VET Quality Framework and State and Australian government funding requirements such as WorkReady.

Eligible students are encouraged to visit the WorkReady Subsidy Framework regularly as ‘DFEEST reserves the right to alter the subsidies as priorities and objectives change’. At a minimum, for each course offered, FTA will publish the course name, course code as well as tuition fee per unit of study. Fees for government subsidised training will be calculated in accordance with WorkReady and FTA requirements.

Course Fees

At FTA, funding is available for courses at the Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. FTA is a VETSL and Skills for All approved provider. Skill for All funding is available at the Certificate IV and Diploma Level where course fees are reduced due to the Government Funded Training and VETSL funding is available for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. FTA publishes its schedule of course fees on its website.

Full Time Training

Course Fees are reduced by the amount of WorkReady and VETSL funding available to the student and students are expected to pay 50% of the non WorkReady subsidised or VETSL funded portion of the course fee prior to commencement of a module., with the remaining 50% at the half way mark of each particular module

Part Time Training

The student will pay an hourly rate for all flights prior to the start of each flight. When FTA receives funding from Skills for All on behalf of the student for a Skills for All funded competency achieved, FTA will refund the student the exact amount received by Skills for All. FTA will provide the student evidence of the full amount received by Skills for All on the student’s behalf.

Protection of Fees

FTA will ensure that course fees paid in advance will be protected for training courses and services we provide. The FTA student contract will include an itemised list of all fees and charges including course tuition fees.

Government Funded Training

FTA will follow the Skills for All Subsidy Framework outlined on the Skills of All website. All eligible students will be informed of course fees:

a. Through FTA’s published course information marketing material; and/or

b. By contacting the Business Development Team on (08) 8209 4309.

Fee Paying Students

Where an applicant is not eligible for WorkReady/em> or VETSL Government funding, the Business Development Team will refer them to Fee for Service Training.

FTA reserves the right to negotiate course fees and charges for Fee for Service training. All charges for Fee for Service training will be set by the Chief Executive Officer and documented by the Business Development Team.

All Fee for Service applicants will be informed of course fees:

a. Through FTA published course information marketing material; and/or

b. By contacting the Business Development Team on (08) 8209 4309.

Full fee paying Fixed Wing students are expected to pay 50% of each module prior to the commencement of the said module with the remaining 50% at the half way mark of each particular module.

Full fee paying Rotary Wing students will make full payment in advance of each flight.

Fee Concessions

Some FTA approved applicants may be entitled to a fee concession for Certificate IV and Diploma courses if at the time of enrolment they hold:

a. Hold a health care card

b. Hold a pensioner concession card

c. Hold a pensioner concession card issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs

d. Are a prison inmate, a detainee, on remand, held in a South Australian institution in connection with the commission of an offence, or a child in a South Australian detention centre older than 16 years.

The Skills for All Subsidy Framework informs that applicants who are eligible for concessions will still be required to pay a minimum course fee of 50 cents per hour. FTA is required to give concessions to eligible students for any course fees above the minimum 50 cents per hour up to a maximum concession of $1.35 per hour. FTA will be reimbursed by DFEEST for the concession up to the $1.35 per hour maximum.

Further discounts to the course fee can be made at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer providing that the discount does not result in a course fee being below the minimum of $0.50 per hour. No further reimbursement for discounts will be made.

Fee Exemption

Some applicants (for example, if the applicant is or has ever been under the Guardianship of the Minister) may be eligible for course fee exemptions and can apply for an exemption code from DFEEST. FTA will refer the applicant to the Skills for All Infoline 1800 506 266 for further advice on a full course fee exemption code.

External Funding

Where a prospective student is likely to be eligible for fees assistance through external sources, they will be expected to explore this option, and, if eligible, apply for such assistance.


A student may be eligible for a fee refund if they withdraw or cease training with FTA. Refer to the FTA’s Tuition Fee Refund Policy for more information.

Course Postponements and Cancellations

In the event FTA does not start a student’s course on the scheduled date or is unable to deliver a course in full for any reason, the student will be offered a refund of 100% of tuition fees paid for that part of the course which FTA has not delivered.

Note: A WorkReady subsidy will not be paid for a withdrawal, but the withdrawal will be counted as an attempt.

Students Repeating Units

Any student who records a “competency not achieved/fail” or “RPL not granted” AVETMISS outcome may be funded for up to three attempts at achieving competence in a unit (see Skills for All Subsidy Framework). For example, if a student enrols in a Unit and is subsequently found not to be competent, the student may enrol in the unit again for a second attempt to achieve competence. If, during this second attempt the student withdraws, no Skills for All payment is made but the result is recorded as a second attempt. The student may enrol in the Unit one more time for their third attempt.

Complaints and Appeals

Where a client is aggrieved by the application of this policy, they should first talk to refer to the Business Development Manager on (08) 8290 4300 and refer to FTA’s Academic and Non-Academic Grievance Policy.

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